01. On The Shore Of Purgatory
02. Miserere
03. Underneath The Stones
04. Blindness
05. In the Smoke
06. Running and Screaming
07. Laying Bound
08. The Suffering
09. Walking Into The Fire
10. Eden
11. Stars
12. Ary (Bonus Track)

Joe Caggianelli : Vocals
Leo Giraldi : Guitars
Luigi Accardo : Keyboards
Sebastiano Zanotto : Bass
Alfonso Mocerino: Drums


Elisa Lisy Stefanoni - Vocals (as 'Beatrice' on tracks 10, 11) and choirs
Gian Andrea Guerra - Violin (on tracks 1, 10, 11)
Nicola Brovelli - Cello (on tracks 1, 10, 11)
Daorsa Dervishi - Flute (on track 10, 11)

Produced by Starbynary
All songs arranged by Starbynary

Drums recorded at Dyne Engine Studios
by Manuele Pesaresi

Mixed and mastered at Dyne Engine Studios
by Manuele Pesaresi

All music composed by Luigi Accardo
All vocal melodies by Joe Caggianelli
All lyrics by Joe Caggianelli and Ivan Morari

Photography by Vincenzo Crotolo
Cover by Gaspare Frazzitta
Editing and CD artworks by Felipe Machado Franco